What is a Miniratna Company?

What is a Miniratna Company?

As you know, PSUs are classified into three types or The Government of India categorizes Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) into three types.

In the last article, ” What is PSU? All you need to know about PSUs “. We have discussed what is PSU companies and their types.

In the last two articles, we have discussed the Maharatnas and Navratnas, So in this article, we will discuss the Miniratna companies. What is Minirtna Company? Eligibility Criteria for Miniratna status for the companies. List of Miniratna Companies or How many Miniratna companies are in India? etc.

What is a Miniratna Company?

In October 1997, the Indian Government decided or taken some decisions about some profit-making companies. which companies (other than the Navratnas)  have not come under the Navratna companies till now. and decided to give a name is Miniratna company with certain eligibility conditions and guidelines to make them efficient and competitive.

Miniratna company is divided into two categories: Category I CPSEs and Category II CPSEs.

Till now 74 companies come under the Miniratna with both the categories.

Eligibility Criteria for Miniratna status for the companies.

To Become the Miniratna Company or come under the Miniratna PSU Status, should fulfill many conditions of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs). So  following criteria are eligible to be considered for grant of Miniratna status:

Miniratna Category-I Miniratna Category-II
Eligibility CriteriaShould have profits continuously for three years or Earned a net profit of Rs. 30 crores or more in one of the three yearsShould have profits continuously for the last three years.
Benefits for InvestmentFinancial Autonomy up to Rs. 500 crore or equal to their net worth, whichever is lower.Financial Autonomy of up to Rs. 300 crore or up to 50% of their net worth, whichever is lower.
Eligibility Criteria for Miniratna status

If Any Indian Company fulfills all the above conditions then it is eligible for the Miniratna status.

List of Miniratna Companies of India.

As we know that Miniratna companies are divided into two categories.

Miniratna Category-I 

IN the Miniratna category – I have till now 61 companies.

List of 61 Miniratna companies clicks to read now.

Miniratna Category-I

IN Miniratna category – II has till now 12 companies.

List of 12 Miniratna companies click to read now

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